Ext4 Support in OSX Yosemite

I mostly followed this tutorial where it basically tells you how to install some free toolsOSXFUSE and several additions (fuse-ext2,  and in the comments we find ext4fuse which is necessary for ext4 support).

This is the short version of what to do in order to get ext4 read/write support in OSX Yosemite:

  1. Install OSXFuse
    1. Select MacFUSE Compatibility Layer when asked.
  2. Install fuse-ext2
    1. Reboot and execute this to enable write access:
      sudo sed -e 's/OPTIONS="auto_xattr,defer_permissions"/OPTIONS="auto_xattr,defer_permissions,rw+"/'
      -i .orig /System/Library/Filesystems/fuse-ext2.fs/fuse-ext2.util
  3. Install brew (if you don’t have it)
  4. Install ext4fuse via brew like this:
    brew install ext4fuse

Reboot (if needed) and you’re done :D